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30 June 2005

Big doings in Midwest City

The big story reported here is the Sheraton in Midwest City, actually owned by the city and built adjacent to the Reed Conference Center in an effort to pick up some sub-convention level business; it should open this fall at 5750 Will Rogers Road, east of Sooner and north of I-40.

But this is what got me:

The council rezoned 5701 E Reno to include commercial and single-family residential uses. Current plans manager Ron Green said the owner of Anthony's TV and Appliance Inc., is moving into the building on the northeast corner of Sooner Road and Reno Avenue. The owner wants to move his home to the upstairs portion of the business, Green said.

Now that's devotion. The building in question was a Venture discount store, later a K mart, and most recently some sort of flea market. Anthony's has moved before; if I remember correctly, they used to be on SE 15th east of Sooner, and then relocated to Del City on SE 15th and I-40, east of Vickie (once a Hudiburg auto dealership).

And it never occurred to me that the building even had an upstairs; I keep getting this vision of kids going "Daddy, can we go downstairs and watch the big-screen TV?"

Posted at 7:23 AM to City Scene

Our little town of Newnan may actually decide not to build a city-owned hotel on a narrow, shoulderless, congested road -- but only if a prominent private developer goes ahead and builds one not too far away (not on a narrow, shoulderless, congested road, oddly enough).

I just don't get why they ever wanted to do this in the first place. And if the developer doesn't do it, the city still might go ahead.

Posted by: McGehee at 11:25 AM on 30 June 2005

That is one commute that I would love to have.

Posted by: Dwayne "the canoe guy" at 1:20 PM on 30 June 2005

Midwest City is the definition of ugly.

Posted by: buddyhackett at 2:07 PM on 30 June 2005