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1 July 2005

Under the general heading of TMI

What this is all about can be found here. Here's the procedure:


Overview: This post is a community experiment with two broad purposes. The first is to create publicly accessible data about bloggers' personalities, which may have sociological value in addition to being just plain fun. The second is to track the propagation of this meme through blogspace.

Instructions (to join in the experiment):

  1. Take the IPIP-NEO personality test and the Political Compass quiz, if you have not done so already.

  2. Copy to the clipboard that section of this post that is between the double lines, and paste it into your blog editor. (Blogger users may wish to use 'compose' mode to preserve formatting and hyperlinks. Otherwise, be sure to add hyperlinks as necessary.)

  3. Replace the answers in the "survey" section below with your own.

  4. Add your blog information to the "track list", in the form: "Linked title - URL - optional GUID".

  5. Any additional comments should go outside of the double lines, including the (optional) nomination of bloggers you wish to pass this experimental meme on to.

  6. Post it to your blog!

[My own responses are after the jump, which is also where you'll find the second set of double lines. Delete this paragraph if you're copying from me.]


Age: 51
Gender: Male
Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Religion: Generic Christian
Occupation: Computer systems operator
Began blogging (dd/mm/yy): 06/23/00

Political Compass results:

Economic Left/Right: -2.00
Authoritarian/Libertarian: -3.90

IPIP-NEO results:

  Friendliness: 3
  Gregariousness: 10
  Assertiveness: 42
  Activity Level: 29
  Excitement-Seeking: 12
  Cheerfulness: 8
  Trust: 7
  Morality: 54
  Altruism: 3
  Cooperation: 7
  Modesty: 88
  Sympathy: 33
  Self-Efficacy: 8
  Orderliness: 59
  Dutifulness: 27
  Achievement-Striving: 48
  Self-Discipline: 61
  Cautiousness: 62
  Anxiety: 92
  Anger: 99
  Depression: 89
  Self-Consciousness: 69
  Immoderation: 85
  Vulnerability: 96
  Imagination: 60
  Artistic Interests: 33
  Emotionality: 78
  Adventurousness: 1
  Intellect: 61
  Liberalism: 18

Track List:

1. Philosophy, et cetera - - pixnaps97a2
2. Pharyngula - - pharyngula3128d2f0
3. World Wide Rant - - wwr1004ao
4. - - dburyokc12


More than you wanted to know, I'm sure.

(Snagged from Andy at WWR)

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I got a 96. Nya nya nya.

Posted by: Dan at 10:26 PM on 1 July 2005