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9 July 2005

Spelunking on the second floor

As mentioned previously, I got a peek at the fabled Dawn Eden Archives this evening, and while it's certainly true that I'd have paid her the visit even if all she had was a copy of Sgt. Pepper's, and I mean the soundtrack fercryingoutloud, hanging around Dawn's apartment is one of the best ways I know of to complete your graduate degree in Pop Ephemera. (I, of course, got my sheepskin picture sleeve years ago, magna cum loudest.)

What's more, as I had already learned, she's a first-class dinner companion, which comes in handy if you're going to have a first-class dinner, which we did. (Allow me to recommend the chicken Milanese.) Was it worth two scary cab rides through streets clogged to Bombay standards? You betcha.

Addenda: Dawn has posted an actual photo of the event.

Someone asked me once what she was like. I have now amended my answer to include the following:

"You know someone is knowledgeable about pop music when you find a Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich LP sleeve on the wall.

"Dawn has two of them."

Posted at 11:19 PM to World Tour '05

Man, dinner with Dawn & talking about music. You are so much more suave than I. I would be ordering pizza, talking about board game mechanics and listening to The Best of Buck Owens Vol I.

Now where is the suave in THAT???

Tell Dawn 'hey' for me.

Posted by: Dwayne "the canoe guy" at 11:20 PM on 9 July 2005

Actually, Buck Owens did get name-checked; she had a recording of his Carnegie Hall concert many years ago, which supposedly he really didn't want to do.

Posted by: CGHill at 8:10 AM on 10 July 2005

Hi Charles! I am glad you guys had a great time! Did you take any pictures?

PS I LOVE BUCK OWENS!!!! My favorite? Crying Time Again

Posted by: Donna at 8:15 AM on 10 July 2005

Ok, ok ok, So I guess I'm cooler than I thought with Buck Owens at my side. Personally I like Who's Gonna Mow Your Grass & Waiting in Your Welfare Line.

Maybe you can drag Dawn back & we can all isten to my album of Lester 'Roadhog' Moran & the Cadillac Cowboys.

Posted by: Dwayne "the canoe guy" at 1:49 PM on 10 July 2005