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14 July 2005

The stiffest upper lips

The BBC has a roundup of some London blog reaction to the terrorist attacks of 7/7, and some of them are indeed choice. This LiveJournal entry works wonderfully:

We've known for ages that something was going to happen; now it has, and it was conventional, and fairly lame. They did their worst, and they managed to disrupt our transport network and get fatalities in the low double figures. That happens on a fairly regular basis anyway, you twits. What's your next trick — a fiendish weather control device which makes it rain on a bank holiday weekend?

Emphasis in the original. I think Britain is recovering quite nicely, thank you very much.

(Via Jacqueline Passey.)

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well, ya know they could learn a bit about national hysteria from us?

Posted by: bruce at 8:20 PM on 14 July 2005

Not me. All my hysteria is local. :)

Posted by: CGHill at 8:30 PM on 14 July 2005