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17 July 2005

Why bother?

This is why Matt bothers:

After three plus years of doing this, I've come to the conclusion that I'm not much of a writer. My average traffic makes that fairly clear. It's okay, though. I genuinely enjoy it. It's a great outlet to talk about things that my friends and/or wife really aren't interested in. I post on the days when I'm motivated, and could care less about the blog when Iím not.

If writing quality were the major criterion, Andrea Harris would be outdrawing Ana Marie Cox.

But I figure Matt's reasons are as good as anyone's, though I do wish he could drag the Mrs. back to the keyboard on a regular basis.

Posted at 8:28 AM to Blogorrhea

Heh, thanks. I'm not sure that's much of a compliment though -- a dead frog could write better than Wankette (or rather, than the army of underpaid minions who provide her pseudo-blog with copy).

To tell you the truth, though, I don't think my blog(s) contain examples of my best writing. I tend to ramble on, backtrack, insert too many disclaimers, overuse parentheses, and so forth. I think of my site as more of a clearing house for my bad habits. "See that? Don't write like that when working on the Best-Selling Novel." That I'll start working on any day now. Yeah.

Posted by: Andrea Harris at 10:22 AM on 17 July 2005



(just quoting you from earlier,
9:30 PM on 21 March 2005)

Posted by: claretoothloose at 12:44 PM on 17 July 2005

If writing quality were the major criterion, *Charles* would be outdrawing *Glen Reynolds*.


Posted by: david at 1:31 PM on 17 July 2005

I know I shouldn't post twice, but I'm going out on
a limb here.

Frankly, Andrea, I don't think parentheses can be
overused. And, to be honest, I think "spleenville"
is a very nice, descriptive description of something.

And that's about as complimentary as I've ever been,
so I want to stop now before I say something totally unfamiliar like, job well done or something like that.

Over and Out

Posted by: claretoothloose at 1:54 PM on 17 July 2005

Denton is paying the minions now? Do tell.

Posted by: CGHill at 4:27 PM on 17 July 2005