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20 July 2005

Let your acolyte shine

A reasonable query from Bill Quick:

Assuming that [Chief Justice] Rehnquist stays on into the next term, and that [John G.] Roberts is confirmed, we will have the situation of a man sitting as a Supreme Court justice who is also the former law clerk of another Supreme Court justice. How often does something like that happen? Does it have any effect on relationships?

I don't think it's happened before, and I don't think it has any bearing on the conduct of the Court, but then I have no particular insight into the way the Supremes operate beyond what's actually in the opinions written.

I did, once upon a time, work under a former assistant, though technically I had never been on a level actually above her on the org chart. (So far as I know, I occupy one of the bottom rungs.) I don't think it made any difference, and anyway she hated the job and left it shortly thereafter.

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