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21 July 2005

Automatic theft machines

Campus police at UT Austin have called attention to a spiffy but nonetheless heinous means of ripping off a bank's ATM customers.

Two gadgets are affixed to the machine: a replacement for the card reader (which just snaps over the standard slot), and a leaflet holder which carries a surreptitious video camera. You stick in your card, the bogus reader picks up the information, and the camera records you keying in your PIN; after that, you can kiss your money goodbye.

I haven't seen anything like this up here. At least, I don't think I have.

(Via McGehee.)

Posted at 12:45 PM to Common Cents

This was an episode of CSI. I don't remember which one, (first or second season) but one of the subplots in an episode dealt with Nick discovering that someone was emptying the accounts of people who had used a particular ATM.

Posted by: timekeeper at 4:03 PM on 21 July 2005

All of those in the story that were ripped off were cops, too. :)

Posted by: unimpressed at 4:44 PM on 21 July 2005

Yeah, I saw this on one of the CSI shows (CSI Lubbock if memory serves ..)

Posted by: Mel at 9:07 PM on 21 July 2005