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22 July 2005

Coming soon: Final Fanta Z®

"Good name for it," says Lynn about Coca-Cola Zero:

This one is sweetened with aspartame just like old Diet Coke so it has the same diet taste but, like Diet Coke with Splenda, it has no kick — absolutely none, not even a tiny, sleepy baby kick, like the name says: Zero. This is Diet Coke for people who can't handle Diet Coke.

Yes, yes, I know: this is about getting more shelf space in stores, and the actual product is incidental. But the more Coca-Cola keeps screwing around, the more likely I am to say the hell with them and go pick up a case of Dr Pepper or RC.

Posted at 10:02 AM to Dyssynergy

I really like Coca-Cola Zero. A lot of people don't know that 'Diet Coke' was never meant to taste like classic Coca-Cola. It was designed to have its own distinct taste. Diet Pepsi and Dr. Pepper, on the other hand, have been perfecting the diet drinks to taste like their original brand flavor. Coca-Cola Zero is an attempt to offer a true Diet drink that tastes like true-blue Coca-Cola. I've been waiting a long time - and I like it!

Posted by: Mike Swi... at 11:25 AM on 22 July 2005

I'm with you, Chaz....RC has always been a superior cola. It's becoming far too hard to find, unfortunately.

Posted by: Kirk at 11:37 AM on 22 July 2005

Well, I was unimpressed with C2, so I am not looking forward to C0. :)

Albertson's at Britton and May (my usual supermarket) always has RC, though seldom on sale for as cheap as the Big Boys.

Posted by: CGHill at 12:58 PM on 22 July 2005

Just learned recently that the "flavor" for the much heralded "New Coke" in '85 was in fact the Diet Coke flavor ... except with sugar. No wonder it sucked sooo bad.

I've tried some of the other diet drinks with Splenda - I've been mildly impressed (7-Up in particular).

Dear Coca-Cola Folks: You chose to replace Coca-Cola with New Coke rather than put them side by side because you were afraid of "brand dilution". You now have 1,473 versions of Coke/A-Cola including a splenda flavored lime with vanilla and a hint of Coke ... yet the only low cal version of Coca-Cola we finally get is sweetened with AsperCrap!! (the artificical sweetener that let's you see God)

GET A CLUE! How's about an Original Coca-Cola flavor sweetened with Splenda??

... and when I look into the cola area now I see a hundred slightly different bottles representing different variations of a single brand. Just finding the one I actually want, the original, is enough to make me look at RC as well.

There's your product dilution.

When did marketing become "how to piss off your most loyal customers in three short steps"? The cola companies must have hired some former General Motors marketing personnel.

Frickin bastiches.

Posted by: Mel at 3:25 PM on 22 July 2005

Diet Coke Zero and Splenda Coke are way inferior to regular Diet Coke, but the best one, Diet Coke with Lime, has spotty distribution here (Flushing NY), you can't always get it.

When you put too much product out there, especially three varieties that pretty much taste the same. you're going to turn off the public.

Posted by: Kevin Walsh at 4:40 PM on 22 July 2005

I really like Coca-Cola Zero. It's a diet version of Coke Classic. I have always wanted them to come out with a diet version of Coke Classic -- Diet Coke is okay, but it's just not the same.

Posted by: Susan B. at 12:16 PM on 25 July 2005