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22 July 2005

The sensitivity stops here

Just because, I give you this piece from The Spectator:

Rather than attempt to legislate against Muslim fundamentalists, let us ridicule them, just as we do nutty Christian sects. Let us laugh at their beards, scorn their belief that martyrs will be attended by 72 virgins in heaven (and why has no television comedy yet depicted this ludicrous scene?), treat them as what they are: absurd figures who belong back in mediæval times.

And God knows "nutty Christian sects" get plenty of ridicule, although it must be said that not everyone takes care to separate them from the non-nutty ones.

On the other hand, blogdom has had no trouble mocking the "72 virgins" bit.

We will know that we are winning the war against Islamic terrorism when the cinemas of Bradford are full of smiling faces queuing up to watch Monty Python's Life of Mohammed.

Will the People's Front of Judea Judean People's Front provide a crack suicide squad?

(Pilfered from Lemuel Kolkava.)

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Shouldn't that be Life of Mohammed's Neighbour?

Posted by: Joseph Hertzlinger at 5:19 PM on 27 July 2005