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24 July 2005

Architectural diversity

It's a good thing, says the Downtown Guy, that we have multiple developers working on downtown residences:

I hate driving through neighborhoods built these days, where all of the homes are "McMansions" — tributes to the safe but bland Dallas style design. In 50 years, people will still love driving through Heritage Hills. I doubt there will be much interest in driving through Gaillardia.

I love the variety. I love the clash of visions. I love the buffet of artistic urban murals.

I know the feeling. There are eleven houses on my block — four on the north side, seven on the south, as if that weren't weird enough — and no two of them look alike. Head eastward and turn north on Miller and the variety is mindboggling. (Another reason why I'm here and not somewhere else, despite the higher-than-anticipated hit to the pocketbook.)

There's more to making a neighborhood interesting than three basic floor plans with two optional elevations.

Posted at 9:08 AM to City Scene

Jokes on you. You're not ALLOWED to drive through Gaillardia.


Posted by: Dan at 4:24 PM on 24 July 2005

Which leads to another question: do gated communities remain forever gated?

Posted by: CGHill at 4:56 PM on 24 July 2005

They do indeed until the proletariat rises up and drags the borgeious from their little castles and ...

oh wait ... I'm awake now. Damn those nasty class concious dreams :)

Happily, there's probably a servants entrance ... LOL

Posted by: Ron at 3:45 PM on 25 July 2005