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24 July 2005

Little moviehouse on the prairie

I don't live in El Reno, but if I did, I rather suspect I'd get really annoyed if I had to drive twenty or thirty miles just to watch a first-run movie.

Acting on the reasonable assumption that there are a lot of such people in Canadian County, the Missouri-based B&B theater chain has opened up the Reno Cinema 8 multiplex on El Reno's southwest side, on Country Club Drive south of I-40. B&B has similar 8-plexes in Sapulpa and Claremore, and a two-screener in Ponca City.

Sensibly, they didn't spend a whole lot of money on exterior decor. The actual screening rooms and the concession stand, though, are up to contemporary standards; at least four of the eight rooms are set up for DTS digital sound, and the seating, at least where I was, was comfortable and well-placed.

I have no doubt that the Reno 8 is going to be a hit: before the inevitable trailers, there were lots of ads for local businesses. For all I know, they may make more money off the ads than off tickets, at least during the first week of a film's release. And the staff was uniformly friendly, if perhaps still on the learning curve. I may have to go out there more often, just to shake off the big-city tinsel.

Posted at 4:54 PM to Soonerland

I live in El Reno, and I was happy about the theater even before it opened.

I saw a movie there this past week, and while I wish the chairs were a little higher off the floor, it sure beats a 4-hour commitment to see a first-run movie. I'm headed back for my next movie.

Posted by: Matt at 8:41 PM on 24 July 2005