The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

25 July 2005

Toad away

Top Ten new opportunities for ousted WB mascot Michigan J. Frog:

10.  A cinch to win on American Idol

  9.  Spokesamphibian for Nair®

  8.  Editing the newest Gawker Media blog

  7.  Ambassador to France (pending confirmation)

  6.  Kicking the asses of those damn Budweiser frogs

  5.  Could actually do Old Navy ads without having to wear the garb advertised

  4.  Mayor of San Diego

  3.  Summer replacement for N. Z. Bear

  2.  Kermit's special friend

  1.  Chairman, Democratic National Committee

Posted at 1:12 PM to Listing to One Side

From the article: "In my opinion the frog is dead and buried..."

Yeah, that's what that poor guy in the cartoon thought when he put ol' Michigan into another cornerstone to get rid of him.

He'll be back.

Posted by: McGehee at 7:36 AM on 26 July 2005

Kermit's special friend?? Oh, Charles. That is evil!

Posted by: Jan at 1:22 PM on 26 July 2005

And what better beard than that flaming hetero Miss Piggy?

I kid. Besides, if anyone is evil, it's Bert.

Posted by: CGHill at 3:15 PM on 26 July 2005