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26 July 2005

Is Tulsa just Jenksed?

On the lack of riverfront development in T-town, from Urban Tulsa:

Bob Workman, chairman, BSW International, an engineering and architectural company based in Tulsa, answers it this way: "It takes a vision big enough to overcome the inertia of the comfortable."

"When was the last time," asks Workman, "you saw an article on the Jenks city council such as those that have become commonplace in Tulsa? Tulsa seems to enjoy taking the role of the example of what not to do."

And one of those things that Tulsa didn't do, as mentioned, was the aquarium — a place that drew 500,000 last year to Jenks, or the equivalent of 27 sell-outs at the yet-to-be-built arena in downtown Tulsa.

Think about the projects that Tulsa has planned — the arena, convention center expansion, and The American — compared with those here, and you can see the difference in philosophy. Tulsa is trying to attract tourists, Jenks is trying to attract residents.

I reprint this here lest we in Oklahoma City start to get smug.

And because Jamie, who delivers Urban Tulsa, said this.

(Spotted by way of Meeciteewurkor.)

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