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26 July 2005

Fuzzbox, and we're gonna use it

Missouri Governor Matt Blunt has signed Senate Bill 280, which shuffles the Show-Me State's rules for cosmetologists and mandates that parental consent be obtained before minors can get a bikini wax.

This latter provision puzzles me to some extent — why make it difficult for an underage girl to look like, well, an underage girl? — but I admit, I had no idea there was so much demand that the government would feel compelled to interdict the supply.

Not to worry. As Aldahlia says, "Just get a Bic. Duh."

(This is kind of scary: two posts on this topic in less than 72 hours. Where is my mind?)

Posted at 7:19 PM to Dyssynergy

Do you really want an answer to that?



Posted by: buddyhackett at 7:22 PM on 26 July 2005

Expect to get some very interesting search terms in days to come ....

What I want to know is, how do these legislators KNOW there's a need to restrict underage bikini waxes?

Posted by: Bill Peschel at 7:34 PM on 26 July 2005

Could be worse. Imagine the reaction they'd get if they tried to restrict underage abortions.

Posted by: triticale at 7:55 PM on 26 July 2005

That picture on the link is just wrong.

Posted by: Vickie at 7:45 AM on 27 July 2005

The new gateway to evil ... the Bikini wax. Could lead to dancing.

Posted by: Ron at 7:48 AM on 27 July 2005

Slightly OT -- I have that record album! (On vinyl.)

Posted by: Andrea Harris at 8:48 AM on 27 July 2005