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27 July 2005

You see one, you've seen 'em both

If you live here, it's pointless to write your Senators, says LiteraryTech:

[B]oth of them are utterly intractable and one of them has proven himself, in correspondence to me, an insufferably arrogant pedant.

I've got to assume that the latter is Coburn, since it's impossible to imagine Inhofe having enough knowledge at his command to be pedantic.

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Brings back memories.

A few years ago I wrote to then Senator Nichols asking him not to vote in favor of granting Most Favored Nation trade status to China because "sometimes there are more important things than money."

He sent me back a form letter saying that he was voting for MFN because there was money to be made. The form letter I got from Inhofe said that he was voting aginst it.

Istook sent me an e-mail stating that he would get back to me with a reply. I'm still waiting. Unless his 'yes' vote was a reply.

Posted by: Bobbert at 7:30 AM on 27 July 2005