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28 July 2005

Fewer strings

With two of the three Corporation Commissioners already on board, price controls on SBC's Oklahoma telephone services will be lifted at the Commission's meeting today.

SBC competitors are not happy, and Cox Communications regional manager Dave Bialis complained:

It basically gives a company with dominant market power free reign to do what they want without oversight.

I assume this is the same Cox Communications who tacked an extra $2.05 onto my cable bill starting last month.

Posted at 7:27 AM to Soonerland

Their commercial is actually a lie. They say that SBC wants to "undercut the competition" to run them out of town. It is clear that the CC set a floor for the prices under which SBC cannot go. Plus at the very moment Cox is running a special bundle which includes telephone service for $4.95 a month. How could they undercut that without just giving it away altogether!?

Posted by: ms7168 at 8:49 AM on 28 July 2005

All of them ... cable, SBC ... you name 'em ... they will cut each others throats ... we will have the cheapest telephone and internet service you've ever seen ... for about 2 years.

Then see what happens ... 5 years from now we'll be going "How much???!!" and liking it.

Utilities, cooperatives aside, have proven to be anything but fair in the last century and I doubt they will be changing anytime soon.

Posted by: Ron at 5:30 PM on 29 July 2005