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28 July 2005

Your salary cap is backwards

This is now a "free-agent nation," says Reason Online's Tim Cavanaugh:

If there's a model for labor negotiations in the future, it's the model of the Major League Baseball Player's Association, which works out very bare-bones collective agreements featuring salary basements and basic work rules and benefits, but doesn't punish high achievers for the good of the benchwarmers. Unions have been grotesquely slow to learn the benefits of flexibility in the workplace. A strategy for the lumpenproletariat has no future in a country where even the fattest of fat slobs like to think of themselves as all-stars.

My slob credentials are unquestioned, but now I wonder if I'm going to be traded — and if so, for what? (Best guess: a color laser printer and a masochist to be named later.)

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Charles, you are inimitable. Hall Of Fame material, for sure.

Posted by: Francis W. Porretto at 3:58 AM on 29 July 2005

Dude, I would clear massive cap space to sign you to a free-agent deal. Have your agent call me.

Posted by: CT at 12:16 PM on 29 July 2005