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30 July 2005

He's a real somewhere man

Nat Weiss probably never imagined that the door to his home office was worth $51,858.

What brought in the big bucks at auction, surely, was the large number of inscriptions by various pop stars, including three of the Beatles. (Weiss, after all, was Brian Epstein's business partner, and was instrumental in the incorporation of the Apple Corps.) The Harrison inscription is interesting:

[T]he door was signed by a visiting George Harrison with a brown felt tip marker. He has inscribed "To Nat the King and Queen of FUH love from" before his signature, and the date, "30/11/68." FUH, of course, was a reference to the newly signed Apple artist known as the King of Fuh or the Fuh King. The Harrison signature measures 6" long by 1¼" high.

The "newly signed Apple artist" himself, Brute Force, who actually wrote a song called "King of Fuh," read this and quipped: "Maybe this is the closest I've ever been to The Doors."

Which invites the question: "What is the distance between Fuh King and Lizard King?"

Posted at 8:17 AM to Tongue and Groove

Mr.Hill, am changing the inro phrase
to the link, to "Obviously 'adored' by George Harrison.

Thanks again for your generosity to include your servant,

Posted by: Brute Force at 7:38 PM on 30 July 2005