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30 July 2005

Zoning restrictions

In the past 4700 posts (about three years), I have used the term "war zone" seven times, although three of them were quotations from elsewhere and three of them were references to zones where there is actual war.

This leaves only one gratuitous use of "war zone," which is probably one too many for Three & Eight:

I'd like to get through a single year without someone talking about something looking like a war zone. Only folks who have BEEN in war zones, to me, have the moral authority to make such a statement.

Alternatives, please?

It looked like a...
  • teenager's bedroom zone
  • dog vomit zone
  • tornado zone — 'cause it WAS
  • school cafeteria after a food fight zone
  • girl's bathroom on prom night zone
  • moldy refrigerator detritus zone
  • time zone
  • booger zone
  • place Detective Monk would never go zone
  • college town trailer park zone

Some of those are downright scary.

In my defense, I must note that I was talking about a tornado.

Posted at 1:55 PM to Almost Yogurt

"Some of those are downright scary."

And I can attest to both the teenager's bedroom zone, and even more so, the girl's bathroom on prom night zone.

Posted by: Vickie at 5:19 PM on 30 July 2005