The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

30 July 2005

Saturday spottings (short version)

I'm not quite back into my full Spottings groove yet, but here are three items I thought noteworthy.

There's a lovely "Historic Capitol Hill" sign at 25th and Shields; if it has any sisters in the neighborhood, I didn't see them. As for 25th itself, it was incredibly busy, with all the diagonal parking spaces filled, a couple of fellows handing out handbills for a show, and lots of pedestrian traffic. I think we shouldn't have to worry about the area becoming a ghost town. (On the other hand, Robinson Avenue through this section, a particular bête noire of The Downtown Guy, is still pretty scuzzy.)

In case you were wondering, the street address of the Gold Dome is 1112 NW 23rd. There's new signage to tell you this, with slots available to identify future tenants.

And for some reason, half the houses in the 700 block of NW 22nd — between Lee and Shartel, at the far north end of the Mesta Park neighborhood — are for sale. I'm almost afraid to ask why.

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