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31 July 2005

Spaced out

It's a perfectly legitimate question of economics: how to allocate your consumption of a finite non-durable good over an infinite period of time.

And Glen Whitman means "infinite," too:

If you were a Muslim, and you died and went to the Muslim heaven, how would you space out your enjoyment of the 72 virgins? Suppose that you actually find virginity desirable, and suppose that the virgins' maidenheads are not magically restored periodically. If the afterlife has infinite duration, then no matter how long you wait to deflower your 72nd virgin, you’ll still be looking at an infinitely long virgin-less future thereafter.

And this could be troublesome, especially if your primary motivation is the anticipation of the six dozen:

If the joy of looking forward to taking a virgin were the primary source of your satisfaction from doing so, then your optimal plan would require always having one virgin ahead of you. Every period, you would have the choice of taking the virgin now or taking her tomorrow, and taking her tomorrow would always generate a greater sum of instantaneous utility and anticipatory utility (if we maintain the assumption of no time-discounting). But in that case, you would never actually take the last virgin — in which case your anticipation would be unjustified.

Read the whole thing for the complete analysis.

As for me, my experience with defloration is decidedly limited, and I believe it is in the best interests of everyone if I keep it that way.

(Uncovered by Lemuel Kolkava.)

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I could be wrong, but I would guess that after you deflowered them, you would get to play with them too. They wouldn't still be virgins, but probably they would still be hotties....[read more]

The untouched women much like the of touted joy of unrequited love is WAY overrated.IMHO Experience and maturity trump ethereal passions.

I can just see myself trying to wrangle a deal with the Sky God for 72 of those 35 year old soccer moms ...

Posted by: Ron at 8:56 AM on 1 August 2005