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2 August 2005

Near to the madding crowd

One of the Two-Headed at LOOK@OKC (neither one of them signed it, curiously) proposes an actual Oklahoma City flash mob.


Am I the only one who loves this idea? I think the sheer randomness of it is what appeals to me. It's somehow beautiful ... this mass of humanity that for one brief moment, is interconnected in some common task. And it's just funny as hell. It can make a point, or mean nothing at all. As far as I know, OKC has not yet experienced the wonder of a flash mob. Come on, people ... let's plan one.

If the sheer randomness of it, or something else, appeals to you, by all means tell them so.

(Off in the distance, I can almost hear Darryl Starbird: "BE THERE!")

Posted at 3:32 PM to City Scene

... Not to harsh on the spirit of it, nor to imply anything about OKC, but aren't flash mobs so-three-years-ago?

I hope it doesn't end up converging somewhere lame, like in a mall.

Posted by: CT at 7:05 PM on 2 August 2005

Well, two years ago, anyway.

You gotta remember, we didn't get a section of craigslist until this year.

Posted by: CGHill at 7:19 PM on 2 August 2005

I was in a flash mob of sorts on Fourth of July -- entirely unplanned except by the wacko with a rifle who prompted the state troopers to shut down the only road out of where we were.

It wasn't fun.

Posted by: McGehee at 8:46 PM on 2 August 2005

I was in a flash mob of sorts on Fourth of July

I just noticed that I wrote "on" where I meant "one." The Fourth in question was seven years ago.

Posted by: McGehee at 6:55 AM on 3 August 2005

Ummm...better late than never?

And wouldn't be anywhere as horrible as a mall.

Posted by: Sarah@Two-Headed Blog at 6:35 PM on 3 August 2005