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3 August 2005

From the Department of Incisive Comparisons

Michelle Malkin sizes up Muslim commentator Fatina Abdrabboh:

Next assignment: An op-ed in the Washington Post about the rise of anti-Muslim discrimination when she doesn't get the right change back at Krispy Kreme.

The record-holder in this realm, though, remains Cam Edwards, who once described a leading Democrat this way:

I look at Howard Dean and see a guy who's going to invade Mexico because Taco Bell got his order wrong.

Snark and product placement. What's not to love?

Posted at 7:14 AM to Dyssynergy

I feel the love. Hope you saw my links on the blog. I also quoted you on yesterday (with attribution, of course!)

Posted by: Cam at 3:54 PM on 3 August 2005