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3 August 2005

Can't forget the Motor City

Yesterday's primary election in Detroit weeded the City Council hopefuls to eighteen; nine will be elected this November. Finishing ninth in the primary: Martha Reeves.

Yes, that Martha Reeves. And she's ready to go to work:

People love me everywhere. On an unofficial level, I'm an ambassador and a civil servant for Detroit. Now I'm going for the official title.

Reeves owns a number of old buildings in the city which she'd like to restore: one of her priorities on the council, she says, will be improving police protection to the point that old buildings can be restored, instead of falling victim to vandals and scavengers.

And no doubt her much-maligned home town is ready for a brand new beat.

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Cool! If she wins will they be...?

Posted by: McGehee at 8:05 AM on 4 August 2005