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4 August 2005

Leave my kitten alone

Actually, kittens aren't in much danger these days, except in the purely Farkular sense, but inasmuch as the Department of Defense, under the No Child Left Behind Act, is granted access to student records for the purpose of military recruiting, parents with a distaste for all things military might worry about their children — and, truth be told, even some hawkish types like myself get annoyed at this sort of governmental high-handedness.

Anyway, starting 7 September (two days after Labor Day), a group called Leave My Child Alone will push for greater awareness of this not-especially-well-publicized law, and will explain how, under the provisions of NCLB, you can opt out of the Pentagon's database and your individual school's recruitment lists. (Not simultaneously: these are two separate operations.) You can jump the gun, so to speak, by going here.

(By way of the Barista of Bloomfield Ave.)

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