The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

4 August 2005

Valero comes to town

I'd seen a few Valero stations during this year's World Tour — even filled up at one, in central Connecticut — but I really wasn't expecting to find one at NE 63rd and Kelley today.

Turns out Valero is converting all the Diamond Shamrock stations:

Valero will retire the approximately 30-year-old Diamond Shamrock brand, and when the conversion is complete, the Valero brand image will be featured on 2,900 U.S. retail (company-operated) and branded wholesale sites. Putting Valero signs up at its stations stretching from South Dakota to South Texas and from Arizona to Arkansas will give the company a national brand presence for the first time.

Valero had purchased Ultramar Diamond Shamrock Corporation back in 2001 for about $4 billion, but this is the first step I've seen toward rebranding. Their acquisition of Premcor this spring gave Valero the largest group of refineries in the nation, surpassing even ExxonMobil, so I rather expect they won't be running short of gasoline any time soon.

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