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5 August 2005

Sorry, teacher, but zip your lip

Wonkette hints at being reality-based:

Some of you may have noticed that we have declined to comment on President Bush's record-setting vacation-going. Partly this is because we believe critics are being disingenuous in portraying this as anything like the kind of vacation normal people take. He's the President and there's no off-the-clock hours; if something big happens, he can't exactly send people to voicemail. We can wish he wasn't our President full-time ("Hello, Manpower?"), but there ya go.

And apparently he puts in enough hours to qualify as "full-time."

I'm still trying to imagine the voicemail, though:

  • Press 1 to hear the President's latest cholesterol and BMI figures.

  • Press 2 to hear the response to [fill in latest media outburst from Islam Inflamed].

  • Press 3 to register an Up vote on John Roberts.

  • Press 4#*&@% to register a Down vote on John Roberts.

  • Press 5 to request a photo of the President's thumb.

  • Press 666 to speak to Karl Rove.

Everything else will just have to wait.

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"Press 666 to speak to Karl Rove."...[read more]

I thought all you needed to do to speak to Karl Rove was go in the bathroom, turn out the lights, face the mirror, and keep chanting his name.

Posted by: McGehee at 9:25 AM on 7 August 2005