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6 August 2005

Seminoles v. dillholes

T. K. Wetherell, president of Florida State University, says he will sue the National Collegiate Athletic Association for its decision to ban Native American-related team indicia and mascots and whatnot at schools hosting NCAA postseason events.

Says Wetherell:

This university will forever be associated with the "unconquered" spirit of the Seminole Tribe of Florida.

What's more, he says, he's contemplating painting the Seminole logo "three times as big" on the Doak Campbell Stadium field.

The actual Seminole tribe was not consulted by the NCAA, says Tribal Council member Max B. Osceola Jr.:

It's like history — they left the natives out. They have non-natives telling natives what's good for them or how they should use their name. You have a committee made up of non-natives telling people that they can not use a native name when you have a native tribe — a tribal government, duly elected and constituted — that said they agree with Florida State.

(Emphasis added.)

The NCAA ruling apparently does not affect football, since there is no actual NCAA championship series. Meanwhile, I'm waiting for someone to complain about Michael Savage's last name.

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"Savage" is a name he made up because his real last name is "Weiner."

Absolutely true, and I feel no need to complain about it.

Posted by: Matt at 12:51 AM on 7 August 2005

I knew that; it occurs to me that both of them seem to describe him fairly well.

Posted by: CGHill at 8:38 AM on 7 August 2005

Since when do the victors have to listen to anything the vanquished have to lost, keep your yappers shut. Oh, Yeah, Go Redskins!

Posted by: paulsmos at 5:59 PM on 7 August 2005