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8 August 2005

Ghouls gone wild

There is a special place in hell reserved for those who are both self-righteous and opportunistic, who see the most solemn moments as excuses for pushing the product.

Peter Jennings wasn't even cold yet when this hit Michelle Malkin's mailbox:

The death of ABC-TV news anchor Peter Jennings shows the tenacious nature of smoking, and its often terrible consequences to a man seemingly robust and with so much more to contribute, says Professor John Banzhaf, Executive Director of Action on Smoking and Health, a national antismoking organization.

"With all of his knowledge of the deadly and addictive nature of cigarettes, and virtually unlimited resources and access to the best medical help in both trying to quit smoking and then in treating the resulting lung cancer, Peter Jennings was helpless and became one of tobacco's best known victims," says Banzhaf.

Elapsed time between ABC's announcement of Jennings' death and Banzhaf's grab for the spotlight: less than fifteen minutes.

What a farging ghoul. Anybody got a Marlboro?

(Addendum, 8:45 am: NPR is reporting that ABC's first mention of Jennings' death was broadcast over the television network around 11:30 pm, half an hour before it hit, which could have given Banzhaf a whole forty-five minutes to pull this script out of the can.)

(Submitted to the Beltway Traffic Jam.)

Posted at 7:48 AM to Wastes of Oxygen

That group is comparable to the wingnuts in PETA or groups who advocate the banning (destruction) of all firearms. When people don't have anything to do with their time, this is the kind of stuff that begins whirling in their little empty heads.

Posted by: Vickie at 8:32 AM on 8 August 2005

That's ghastly. Of course, my husband has taken equal advantage of the opportunity to abuse me about my habit. At least it took him nearly twelve hours to seize the day.

Posted by: Jennifer at 9:50 AM on 8 August 2005

Just like the wingnuts who need to carry concealed weapons into the toy store.

Posted by: Rick at 12:35 PM on 8 August 2005

Just like the wingnuts who need to carry concealed weapons into the toy store.

I've heard about the brawls that can ensue when the last (insert today's equivalent of Tickle Me Elmo) is wanted by 14 different customers. Them toy stores can be dangerous places.

Posted by: McGehee at 3:01 PM on 8 August 2005

Rick, since I've had a majorily shitty day, everything from dropping the groceries all over the parking lot in 100 degree heat to having a major screaming match with my 18-year-old, and assuming your sarcastic retort is aimed at me, I'll just respond with it's my goddamned RIGHT to carry a concealed weapon, as long as I am carrying my permit for which I had to fill out more goddamned papers than Ken Starr did on Clinton, and for which I had to prove to everyone including God that I was an honorable, upstanding, law-abiding citizen with all KINDS of background checks which ended in a three-month wait to obtain said permit. Your comparison of those idiots in the extreme lefty nut organizations, to my LEGAL right to carry a concealed weapon is absurd. We have entered a generation of people who, like lemmings, feel they have to fear a legal action over the insidious, inane organizations like PETA and others.

Posted by: Vickie at 3:40 PM on 8 August 2005

You go, Vickie. And Banzhaf is a sh*thead.

Posted by: Rachel at 4:32 PM on 8 August 2005

Jeez...yeah, I've noticed how very prominent Jennings' smoking is featured in EVERY FREAKING REPORT. Come on, people -- it's not like he a was goddammed spring chicken -- he wasn't cut down in the "prime" of his life -- he lived a very full life and accomplished many thing - 67 ain't too bad for someone who smoked heavily for so many years!

Posted by: david at 8:07 PM on 8 August 2005

Gotta agree with David on this one. Jennings was almost 70. That isn't a bad run at all.

That's like the stats on heart disease. It's supposed the number one killer in America, but most folks that die of heart disease are over 65... it's like the staticians think we're all supposed to live forever.

Posted by: aldahlia at 8:42 PM on 9 August 2005

He could've died at 80 and smoked four packs a day of Camels like my father. They still would be bitching about how cigarettes killed him.

Posted by: Vickie at 9:34 PM on 9 August 2005