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10 August 2005

Mrs Malaprop's high-heeled sister

Diane Rehm seems to be having a rough time today. In the same burst of words, she managed to misidentify the transportation bill the President is signing today as an "energy" bill and referred to that woman who is hanging around outside the President's fence as "Cindy Crawford."

Given the location of said fence, I can sort of understand the confusion; I'd rather believe that Diane has the occasional brainfart than that she was overwhelmed by the blistering rhetoric and smoldering sexuality of guest Rick Santorum.

Posted at 9:32 AM to Overmodulation

Diane Rehm is one of the main reasons I listen to NPR (All Things Considered aside). She is usually much swifter ... I can't believe I missed her with Rick Santorum in the hot seat. I'm going to have to go listen to that!

Thanks for the heads up Chaz!

Posted by: Ron at 3:00 PM on 10 August 2005