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11 August 2005

With this post, I thee wed

And, of course, they're registered at Six Apart.

I'm not quite sure what to think of this, except to marvel at its ingenuity, and maybe to ponder the legalities, which go like this:

The state of Texas has a little known law governing "informal marriage". For a marriage to be legal, we must publicly declare that we consider each other as spouses and this fact be known to other residents of the state of Texas. We got our certificate this afternoon and have now fulfilled the requirements as there's bound to be a Texas resident or two amongst our joint readership. Feel free to witness our marriage here.

Full faith and credit, and all that good stuff.

Congratulations, Kathleen and Eric.

(Via incurable romantic Jacqueline Passey.)

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You can actually prove "common law" marriage in Texas for insurance purposes by presenting joint bills and having a friend vouch that you're a couple.

Posted by: aldahlia at 8:29 PM on 11 August 2005