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11 August 2005

But we're no better than they are

You are wrong, moral-equivalence breath. Lileks explains:

We're often told that Islamic terrorism has an exact mirror in Christian-inspired extremism. Sure, there are thousands of jihadis killing and maiming people of all creeds and colors, but look at Timothy McVeigh! Can't; he's compost now. But when he was alive he wasn't shouldering aside old ladies to make morning Mass; McVeigh was one of those pathetic Aryan pagans who would have beat up Jesus for his dusky hue. What about that abortion bomber guy, Eric Rudolph? Sorry; he calls himself a disciple of Nietzsche. Well, what about the Crusades? And Dresden? Fine. Drop us a line when someone drives a 737 into the Sears Tower on behalf of a bygone Pope and General Eisenhower.

Doesn't leave a lot of homegrown terrorists, though there will presumably always be wannabes.

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Lileks gives an interesting take on the Ismalic-Christian "mirror" view.

To add to it I just gotta rant:
IMHO (which of course no one asked for) The difference is that our culture and system of government has laid great impediments in the ability of our Christian (and their variants) zealots (the nutty lets kill 'em to bring 'em to God variety) to ever reach the critical mass needed to drop back into the 6th century mindset that fuels such sectarian violence. We have our litle flareups but they are quickly put down by a majority population that morally and legally puts the kabosh on such movements. "It's ok to be nutty and have kooky or "different" beliefs but don't do anything stupid that catches the rest of us on fire" seems to be our way of handling it. The American majority came about these impediments the hard way ... we had our own crazy period of history. It just seems to me the Islamic world is missing this crucial set of impediments. If you somehow insult the prophet "you gotta die" appears to their worldview. Until such impediments are built in to their way of thinking ... kind of a reasoned checks and balances of religion and reality... it will remain thus in the Islamic world. Who among them can come forward to do this ... and live to complete the deed?

I'll shut up now.

Posted by: Ron at 11:14 AM on 11 August 2005