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12 August 2005

That nitwit in Norman

Charlie Dreyling is out on $10,000 bail after being caught at Will Rogers World Airport with a crude detonation device in his bags. The chances of this being usable for anything beyond blowing crap up in one's back yard, a popular Oklahoma pastime, are next to nil, but people who ought to know better are arguing that we're talking terrorism here.

I have no doubt Dreyling is every bit as clueless as your average terrorist, but until someone comes up with some actual evidence, I'm going with the oft-proven Oklahoma adage:

The wealthy children of privilege in Oklahoma are always screwing up in spectacularly sociopathic ways. They're almost as entertaining (cough) as the children of evangelists.

What I can't fathom is the apparent hope that Dreyling is some sort of terrorist and therefore we can forget about all that horrible "profiling" business — as though one white guy trumps a whole sea of Muslims. How racist of them.

Posted at 7:40 AM to Soonerland

Good Lord! If they ever start profiling for DUMBASSES this guy will be on the no fly list but I,like you, doubt if he is a terrorist.

BUT I guess what troubles me more is that our former mayor characterizes him as basically just a boy (he's 24 years old fer chistsakes not 13)who just likes to see things go bang. I mean what the hell was he thinking even bringing such a thing to an airport ... or anywhere for that matter. Rigging up explosives and then "forgetting about them" sounds wacky to me but it speaks to someone with some kind of known pathology. My guess is this is only the tip of the iceberg with this fella ... he's got other things going on.

In the end the authorities SHOULD scare the living shit out of him and make him jump through some legal hoops (which I think is what they are doing) to understand just what it means to be an ADULT. A stiff fine and a probation with lots of community service might give him the mental nudge he needs.

It is however guys like this that give grist for the mill of those who would like us to all fly naked .... hmmmmmm wait a minute ... is that Pamela Anderson sitting next to me?

Posted by: Ron at 12:56 PM on 12 August 2005

Oh, they definitely should throw the book at him, and the book should be bound in lead.

And if by chance he did have delusions of being a Big Bad Jihadi or something similar, they can empty the whole shelf.

Posted by: CGHill at 1:02 PM on 12 August 2005

Pamela Anderson? Can't you think of someone better looking than that :-)

Posted by: Zack Scott at 11:28 PM on 12 August 2005

I just think of the OLD and improved Pamela Anderson ... hehehehe ...

"Of course if you close your eyes .... they're all Pamela Anderson" (quoting a member of my unit who is just back from Iraq and suffering from Lackodus Femalicus Companious)

Posted by: Ron at 7:51 AM on 13 August 2005

Ok, I think you all don't have a clue what you are talking about yes, was not good to bring that in the airport, yea he forgot about it, and it wouldn't even do any damage to the plane, maybe to people if they were close by. Fact being is you don't know Charlie, who is a friend of mine, and I went to high school with him, and I would see him on occasion on the OU campus. I know Charlie would never do anythign on purpose to hurt anyone. So your comments about throughing the book at hime and calling him a wealthy child of privilege in Oklahoma, Charlie does not come from a wealthy family, and yea I think there are consequences for your actions but 10 yrs in jail, and $250,000 is not a just judgement, and he is no where near even being able to be called a terrorist

Posted by: Nick Sanders at 10:37 PM on 16 August 2005