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14 August 2005

Beyond mere binary

Okiedoke has good stuff this morning on "fusion philosophy," the idea that third parties of whatever persuasions will find it in their best interests to pool their resources, with the hope of unseating the intractable R and/or D types who control the government — an especially-useful idea in Oklahoma, where said R and/or D types are, by legislative fiat, the only ones likely to appear on state ballots.

Here's Mike's take on how it could work:

I like the concept of using a Fusion Party simply to endorse candidates through a primary election decided by Independent voters and members of third parties not recognized by the state.

This method would allow candidates nominated by their party with the choice of remaining true to their party ideals, or offer a personal platform that appeals to a broad political spectrum. It would also provide an opportunity for Independent candidates to gain some political muscle from winning a competitive political primary. In any case, the pseudo "Fusion Party" label could simply be used to gain access to the ballot.

I have to say I'm intrigued by the concept of what is, in effect, a Party of None of the Above, and if it can be used to foil the major parties' stranglehold on Oklahoma politics, by all means it should be.

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