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15 August 2005

Futile sputtering

Some schmuck actually dropped this on Andrea Harris:

Remember this: Your words are actions, and you Will pay dearly for them. The web is a public record. Your posts are published. Your ip is public. And you're going to go to far with the wrong person who does a whois search and finds that they just so happen to be very close to where you live ... and that paying you a visit starts to sound like a satisfying idea. I personally wouldn't (no matter how appropriatly ironic I would find the justice) and would advocate against such reactionary vigilantism — but someone will. It's only a matter of time.

Now if you boil this down to the crucial stuff, this is what's left (and I do mean "left"):

"Mommy! This girl is picking on me!"

Because that's all it is. "You're gonna get yours, you big meanie! Not that I would ever stoop to such a thing myself, of course."

It is to laugh.

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What can I say, it added a bit of humor to a Monday morning. Who says leftards aren't useful for something?

Posted by: Andrea Harris at 7:52 AM on 15 August 2005

LEFTARDS!!!!! I love it! :-)

Posted by: Donna at 2:16 PM on 15 August 2005

yeah, uncalled for, but did you read what andrea said? wow... talk about waaaay below the belt even for the venomous right.

Posted by: bruce at 11:26 PM on 15 August 2005

Ah, the Yesbutted Left has shown up. You know, "Yes but.... the World Trade Center workers.... the Americans.... the British.... the Spanish... all asking for it really...." Well, at least having no spine will make it easy for you to bow to Mecca.

Posted by: Andrea Harris at 1:25 AM on 16 August 2005