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15 August 2005

Cutting in line

I am told this is satire:

Bill Clinton, desperate to regain the White House, and tiring of his wife's waffling on an '08 run for the job herself, has decided to undergo surgery in order to become a woman in preparation for an unprecedented campaign to become the first three-term President since Roosevelt AND the first female (well sort of) President in the Nation's history.

"I'd have never left if term limits hadn't forced me out," declared Mr. Clinton, who will legally change his name to Belinda Clint once the gender modification is complete. "The constitution, or one of those musty documents, says Bill Clinton, the man, can't be President again but it doesn't say anything about Belinda Clint, the woman, becoming President."

One-time White House staffer Mike Lewinsky was unavailable for comment.

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nice play on my post. :)

Good job.

Posted by: Mark Cross at 3:10 PM on 15 August 2005