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18 August 2005

Never mind what's in the sack

"Honey? Who's this little fart at the door?"

(Via Angi Lovejoy.)

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Between the pain, the lack of sleep and the drugs, I am delerious. Every thing is making me laugh. Giddy little bouts of mostly inappropriate laughter that will not stop. This, most of all. I have found the perfect Halloween......[read more]

HAHAHA I just found my son's Halloween costume. THat is AWESOME.

Posted by: michele at 7:17 PM on 18 August 2005

I love how they advertise this, then right below it says, "May We Also Suggest"...with the same picture but this one is captioned "Halloween Costume."

Makes me wonder what the first one is supposed to be.

Posted by: Vickie at 7:02 AM on 19 August 2005

... I perused the rest of their site and found such tidbits as Black Widow Man Eater (is it some kind of infringement if they name it after my first wife?), Naughty Housewife, and Bad Kitty (my personal favorite).

These folks are gonna make a million ...

Posted by: ron at 8:57 AM on 19 August 2005