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20 August 2005

A regular Captain Quirk

Michele is asking for personal idiosyncrasies, and I'm sure I could fill up a few hundred lines in no time at all listing some of the weirder things I do — but then I'd have to weed out things that don't really qualify as "idiosyncrasies". (My temper is legendarily mercurial, but this is part and parcel of my being, rather than an odd quirk; my disdain for clothing doesn't count because it's far too common, as most weeks I spend more hours undressed than dressed.) Still, after the first pass, there's plenty to pick from:

  • When dining alone, I follow a distinct pattern: polish off the veggies first, then attack the entree. (Starches are handled according to their position: if they're under the entree — rice pilaf, say — they're treated as part of the entree, but if they're on the side, like a dinner roll, they are consumed in alternate bites with the vegetables.) Also, in those places that still offer a four-piece chicken dinner, I invariably follow this sequence: leg, wing, thigh, breast. On those rare occasions when I have actual dining companions, the veggie rule is suspended.

  • I will not turn on the air-conditioner in the car until the temperature gauge has crept to the right of the C. I suppose the thinking behind this is to avoid excessive engine loads during warmup, but they have computers these days to adjust for that sort of thing.

  • In a motion-picture theater, I always wind up in a seat that's about 55 percent of the way back and slightly right of center. (I attribute this to having been a regular symphony patron some years ago, and having had a season ticket assigned thereabouts.) Curiously, there is no detectable pattern in where I sit for live theater, although the venues tend to be smaller, which presumably makes for fewer choices anyway.

  • I buy deodorant from the Avon lady in bulk, five or six (lately, eight) little plastic bottles at a time. She is always surprised when I buy something other than that, which happens on about every third or fourth order.

  • If there's a place to sit down in a public rest room, I'll take it, even if the function to be performed can be done while standing.

That should do for openers.

Posted at 8:48 AM to Screaming Memes

When I was drinking man, I would take a swallow of Bourbon {IW Harper, or Old Charter in a pinch} and then swig some iced 7-up...go figure.

Posted by: paulsmos at 11:03 AM on 20 August 2005

It's official! I know too much about you.... although I recall reading about your penchant for nudity, avon deodorant and peeing sitting down in other entries.

Posted by: Donna at 9:56 PM on 20 August 2005

I don't remember mentioning the toilet business here before, at least not in the context of me.

(And I don't do that at home. Go figure.)

Posted by: CGHill at 10:23 PM on 20 August 2005

Maybe the toilet business was just an early assumption on my part. :-)

But I do have a very vivid memory of reading an entry on dustbury about a device that lets women pee standing up-- or am I absolutely crazy?

Posted by: Donna at 7:55 AM on 21 August 2005

Well, there was this business.

Posted by: CGHill at 4:36 PM on 22 August 2005