The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

20 August 2005

Saturday spottings (vacancies)

It's still a bit unnerving to round the curve westbound on 63rd at Classen and see the empty space where Wendy's and Laredo's used to be. I'm sure the additions to the Chesapeake campus will be quite lovely, but one does get used to things. (And speaking of "quite lovely," my arrival at this intersection coincided with the arrival of a member of Pearl's wait staff; I nearly missed the changing of the light.) There are still lots of Wendy's around; Laredo's will return once their new place (5111 Classen, in between the Belle Isle IHOP and Horn Seed Company) is finished, which may take a while, since it's scarcely even started.

Speaking of open spaces, there's rather a lot of them on NE 3rd downtown: apart from the deliberately (I'm guessing) anonymous-looking Untitled (ArtSpace), it's a stretch of parking lots all the way to the Deep Deuce Apartments. Which reminds me: There's a little storefront smack in the middle of the Apartments, between 2nd and 3rd on Central, which has gotten a couple of coats of paint but is otherwise unrestored. I don't know what you could put in a space that small, but I'd like to see that building put back to work, since it's one of the few structures remaining from the original Deep Deuce.

Signs are now up for Russell M. Perry Avenue, which is the new name for Stiles just south of NE 4th until some point where it mutates into Joe Carter Drive and travels through east Bricktown.

The former Trust House building at May and Wilshire is being gutted and redone for its new occupants: Mitchener & Farrand Jewelers, aka "The Jewelry Guys on May," who are moving two blocks north. I expect the new facility will be almost unrecognizable as the old Trust House, and I suspect this is exactly what the Guys want.

Finally, both a dart and a laurel, as Frosty Troy would say, to Galileo on the Paseo: the dart for failing to keep their Web site current, not good for a live-music venue, and a laurel for their new advertising tagline: "Independently owned, irresponsibly operated, since 1998."

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