The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

21 August 2005

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For the past two weekends, there has been a circulation representative from The Oklahoman posted at the entrance to my supermarket of choice, which was a problem only in that he was too close to the bank branch in the front of the store and tended to exacerbate bottlenecks in that particular aisle.

Until yesterday, when the store's newspaper rack contained, for the first time I can remember on a Saturday, no copies of the paper's "Early Bird" edition, which is essentially the Sunday paper minus the front page and some of the sports section.

It seems unlikely that OPUBCO would phase out the Early Bird. Historically, the paper has always been willing to hype newsstand sales, from the days when The Oklahoma Journal was new and OPUBCO was willing to cut its copy price by 60 percent to squash them, to a more recent scheme to increase circulation in rural areas by offering single copies outside the metro at half price.

But with circulation at most papers in decline — well, we'll see what happens next week.

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