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22 August 2005

Kicking Aston

I have never driven any Aston Martins (Astons Martin?); in fact, my exposure to upper-crust Britmobiles is limited to a few minutes in various Jaguars and having once leaned up against a Bentley. This is not to say that I've never actually coveted one of them, of course, but somehow an Aston doesn't seem to fit into the streetscape around here: it's impossible to imagine James Bond on the Lake Hefner Parkway.

They probably don't blend into Midland very well, either, but this won't stop Eric Siegmund's blatant Aston lust any more than it would mine. On the other hand, for the price of the Aston, I could buy two of these and still have enough left to fill up the tank a couple of times.

And, well, there's this: Grace Slick of Jefferson Airplane once walked into an Aston boutique in California and peeled off enough cash to drive away in a DB6. Unhappy, or bored, with the blue paint job from Newport Pagnell, she eventually got Salvador Dali (!) to repaint it.

Posted at 7:46 AM to Driver's Seat

"[I]t's impossible to imagine James Bond on the Lake Hefner Parkway."

What? Then you haven't seen "A View to a Kilpatrick"?

Posted by: Sean Gleeson at 10:12 AM on 22 August 2005

The Dali link is 404'ed.

Given the steady hand needed to drive a DB5 and given Ms. Slick's often, um, distracted state of consciousness, I'm surprised the car wasn't re-done by "Dutch" Elm.

Posted by: The Prop at 12:36 PM on 22 August 2005

Out of the Google cache, just for you.

Posted by: CGHill at 1:34 PM on 22 August 2005