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25 August 2005

Right past me, as always

I was running a little earlier than usual this morning, so I decided to run by the Gazette offices and pick up a copy; I got one yesterday at the store, but it was missing about 16 pages, including the cover story.

(Speaking of the Gazette, I do suggest you read Kurt Hochenauer's op-ed about how the state's progressive/socialist [take your pick] beginnings will likely be totally overlooked by the folks planning the Centennial.)

It was half an hour before sunrise when I turned south on Shartel from 39th, and there were at least a dozen women out for a morning run along the west side of the street. (More had appeared by the time I reached the Gazette office on at 36th.) This is, of course, sensible: once the sun comes up, things get hot in a hurry, and the 70-plus dew points we've had for the last week or two make it worse. Me, I pulled into the far lane and slid into Yearn Mode, and not even the exhortations of Solomon Burke on the stereo ("Got to Get You Off My Mind," of course) could jolt me out of it.

Tomorrow I'm going back down I-44.

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As for Kurt Hochenauer's op-ed in the Gazette, I think this business of anniversaries (like our centennial), memorials, etc. provide full background on what the state, nation, whatever has done wrong is so politically correct as to make me nauseous.

Hochenauer goes so far in his piece as to suggest we "focus" on the Tulsa Race Riot, The county commission scandal, etc during Oklahoma's centennial. This is just like the far-left wanting to make sure the 9-11 memorial in NYC has plenty of "why we caused this" kind of crap.

How did America celebrate her centennial and bi-centennial? By focusing on the things our nation has done "wrong" in the eyes of all those who find many reasons to bash America? Do we all go to our High School or College reunions and homecomings and make sure we take plenty of time to highlight all the injustices there were during our school years?

Sorry. This need to "focus" on all things wrong with our state during a time of celebration(!) is so typical of the whining radical left in many other areas. I'm sick of it.

Posted by: MikeSwi... at 4:21 PM on 25 August 2005

Mr. Hill!

God bless you! Another fan of Solomon Burke's "Got to Get You Off My Mind"! I fear that we're approaching a day in which far too few even know, much less like, such greats as Burke and William Bell and James Carr, etc...

Posted by: Chase at 11:18 PM on 25 August 2005

Maybe I am becoming rather paranoid, but I honestly believe if I were ______ or ________ or _______ or ______ my comment would have received feedback from the host and/or began a dialogue with others. My comments always seem to just dangle here and it seems rather hopeless to continue. The blogosphere is becoming rather cliquish - even within a single blog (as good as the blog in question is).

Posted by: MikeSwi..... at 9:24 PM on 27 August 2005

Oh, yeah, like I'd take that from _______. :)

Posted by: CGHill at 9:27 PM on 27 August 2005