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26 August 2005

I think so

Here's what Dan wants:

Give us ten of your quirky, opinionated, perhaps socially-unacceptable or politically incorrect opinions. They can be esoteric, generic, unpopular, or obvious. Just write down ten of them.

Okay, then:

  1. The HP printer at my desk at work tells me it's low on ink at just about the point where I can squeeze 50 or 60 more pages out of it before the quality starts to deteriorate. This is a blatant ploy to sell more ink cartridges. My HP at home keeps its mouth shut, which is one reason I still use it.

  2. Why would anyone need to wear more than one toe ring? Simultaneously, I mean.

  3. Good intentions, apart from paving the road to hell, count for naught; if you run me down with a truck, my condition is unaffected by whether you meant to or not.

  4. If you get on a busy urban freeway and then leave at the very next exit, I've got to wonder why you even bothered to get on in the first place. (This obviously does not apply in rural areas, where exits are many miles apart.)

  5. Any Windows software designer who contrives to have his application Always On Top deserves to be buried alive next to a diseased yak.

  6. Houses are numbered, which is fine; however, this task calls for actual numbers, not some godawful script lettering that reads something like "Forty Six O Four."

  7. So this guy faked up an email address, wrote up a bogus paragraph to get past your spam filter, and you're still going to buy drugs from him? You deserve to be poisoned just as much as he does.

  8. Surely it can't be coincidence that all the commercial radio stations run their advertising blocks at exactly the same time. It certainly isn't in answer to any listener requests.

  9. Who gets to determine objectionable content, anyway?

  10. I nominate for a Nobel the guy who invents a hybrid grass that will not grow within 1.5 inches of concrete or brickwork.

As Otis once said, "Your turn."

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I love it when a meme comes along to stop me from having to come up with an original thought. Give us ten of your quirky, opinionated, perhaps socially-unacceptable or politically incorrect opinions. They can be esoteric, generic, unpopular, or obvious......[read more]

Well, if you're anything like me, with regard to #4, it's probably because you're on your cell phone gabbing after you just got gas to get on the highway, then notice you're going the wrong direction :)

Posted by: Vickie at 3:01 PM on 26 August 2005

If I remember correctly, your exits are a lot farther apart than ours are.

Posted by: CGHill at 7:16 PM on 26 August 2005

(Actually I'm referring to what I did yesterday, after leaving Spawnette at JMU, and got on I-81 South. Went a good 30 miles heading for Florida before I realized I not only screwed myself out of an hour's drive, but probably 10 bucks of gas.)

Posted by: Vickie at 8:28 PM on 26 August 2005

If it's any consolation, you wouldn't have ended up in Florida; 81 ends at 40 near Knoxville, Tennessee.

I figure, of the 4915 miles I drove this summer on the World Tour, around 100, maybe 120 were devoted to undoing getting lost.

Posted by: CGHill at 8:40 PM on 26 August 2005

Trackbacks suck. Here.

Posted by: Andrea Harris at 11:34 PM on 27 August 2005