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26 August 2005

Read vs. feed

Statistics from my Web host indicate that my XML and RSS feeds are being pulled somewhere upwards of 500 times a day. (Yesterday there were 676; the day before, 615; for the first 25 days of this month, a total of 20,796, which averages out to about 832 a day.) These are readers (maybe; I suspect many are robots of some sort) that aren't being counted by my usual counter: Site Meter doesn't easily lend itself to incorporation into a feed, and I don't want to clutter up the feeds with a lot of counter code anyway.

I guess what I'm asking is "Does this matter?" It's not like I'm hurting for traffic these days, but I'd definitely like a better handle on these numbers beyond mere raw cumulative data.

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I face similar challenges. What I am finding is that spiders and robots are hungry for XML feeds and you often find that they suck up more bandwidth than hundreds of human readers. I am hoping though that eventually such robots will improve search results and we get more visitors to my blog.

Posted by: skumora at 8:37 AM on 27 August 2005

Hay Buddy
Can you teach me a guitar note

Posted by: Josh Dinser at 3:18 PM on 27 August 2005