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31 August 2005

Top dollar

Reasoning that it wasn't going to get any cheaper in the next couple of days, I pulled into the neighborhood C-store last night to fill up the tank (and the can from which I feed the lawn mower), which at $2.759 a gallon cost me $37 or thereabouts. Cringe-inducing, but not unbearable.

The overnight shipments apparently justified my conclusion: the lowest price I spotted on the way to work today was $2.899 for the cheap stuff. (One station still had $2.70 posted, but he wasn't open yet; his rival across the street was well into the $2.90 range.) The dreaded 3 is appearing on the higher grades.

This particular spike should subside in a week or so, as Gulf operations start to gear up again and post-Labor Day demand slackens, but I'm pretty sure the days when I could fill up for $20 are gone.

Posted at 7:13 AM to Family Joules

I meant to buy gas last night, too, but forgot. Then I heard on the news this am that the average price for a gallon was $3 in Baltimore. I can usually get it a little cheaper here, but I'm kicking myself.

Posted by: Rachel at 9:31 AM on 31 August 2005

$2.79 last night, $2.82 this morning on my way to work. But I have a feeling that you're right.

Posted by: Cam at 10:34 AM on 31 August 2005

You are wrong, soon you'll be able to fill up for $20. It will be the can for the lawn mower, but a fillup is a fillup.


Posted by: Dwayne "the canoe guy" at 1:35 PM on 31 August 2005

Well, the mower didn't seem happy yesterday evening when it got its first taste of Ritz-Carlton Unleaded, though it could just as easily have been a couple weeks' accumulated crud in the air filter.

Posted by: CGHill at 8:23 AM on 1 September 2005