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31 August 2005

Hard luck, your lordship

This poor fellow left the following comment at Stephen Green's place:

When the Northridge earthquake hit, my house was directly over the fault. As the damage was being repaired I figured, hell with this, I'm leaving, and moved to New Orleans. I have now fled both Hurricane Ivan and Hurricane Katrina, though Ivan turned away from New Orleans and Katrina didn't. Not only that, it has followed me up here to Jackson, Mississippi, still a category 1 hurricane as it passes through the area.

Wherever you are, you'd better pray that I don't move to your town next.

Not to worry; we'd be glad to have you. (Did I mention that we're right in the midst of Tornado Alley? Stephen did.)

Posted at 3:33 PM to Dyssynergy

That guy must be Russell the Weather God from one of the HitchHiker's Guide books.

Posted by: Matt at 4:03 PM on 31 August 2005

After the May 3rd (when are we gonna start naming tornados?) I heard of a guy that lost a house. He was military and had lost houses in the SF earthquake, a Hawaii lava flow, the Mississippi river flood, a Cal wildfire, a hurricane, & now a tornado. I think the only thing left was a meteor strike.

Posted by: Dwayne "the canoe guy" at 4:17 PM on 31 August 2005

And all this time we've been blaming Jim Cantore. Who knew?

Posted by: McGehee at 8:38 PM on 31 August 2005