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1 September 2005

Timing is everything

A page stolen from Neal McCaleb's diary, late last night:

Three dollars a gallon? It's perfect! Now we can tell them that the additional tax will be less than two percent of the price at the pump. Why, they'll never even notice it!

You can't blame the guy for trying. (Or can you?)

Posted at 3:02 PM to Soonerland

Those guys from the Durant Democrat are downright daft I tell ya.... daft! (shaking head in disgust)

Posted by: Bobby at 8:40 PM on 1 September 2005

Yeah, because the failure to evacuate a city and the potential loss of thousands of lives therein proves that we don't need better roads and bridges, we need cheaper fuel.

Posted by: Matt at 11:44 PM on 1 September 2005

Matt, everyone who chose to get out, got out. It wasn't the condition of the roads and bridges, it was the stupidity of those who stayed put. How high of a gasoline tax do you think it will take to fix that?

Posted by: McGehee at 4:26 PM on 2 September 2005