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2 September 2005

Like severe tire damage, only more so

A South African inventor has come up with a female condom incorporating a device to discourage sexual assault.

Called, indelicately enough, "rapex," the gizmo is worn tampon-style; when the intruder performs insertion, it hooks into the dingus with sharp barbs and literally will not let go. The perp will have to seek medical attention, and, well, your friendly physician knows how it got there.

In addition to this particular benefit, "rapex" also provides, like a proper condom, protection against STDs carried by the rapist. I suspect this would sell well here in the States if it could get past the usual regulatory hurdles.

(Via Phil Dennison.)

Posted at 6:19 AM to Entirely Too Cool

I personally think that's one helluva great idea.

Posted by: LilRed at 8:05 AM on 2 September 2005

Reminds me of a friend who worked years ago in West Virginia...back in the days when women were allowed a week in the hospital to recover from childbirth...
It seems that their women after childbirth would start bleeding, and the docs would find their stitches torn...they were puzzled but didn't know why until a local nurse pointed out that some of the husbands believed that if they missed their daily (sugar) they would become the women complied.

So the docs decided to repair the episiotomies with Stainless steal sutures instead of the usual catgut...
The result was a few strange looking lacerations in the emergency room, and no more torn moms...

Posted by: Nancy Reyes at 5:47 PM on 2 September 2005

I've read about scarier things along those lines in fiction, but I've known women who would buy a supply of those things and start hanging around on street corners.

Actually, I'm not sure you could sell them in this country without concealed-weapon permits and waiting periods (sorry for the pun - I hadn't intended it, but recognized it the moment I typed it).

Posted by: wheels at 11:06 PM on 2 September 2005