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4 September 2005

Top of the heap

What does it take to make the best blog in the state?

Ramblings on politics, film, music, literature, current events, pop culture, what the voices are commanding and any other damned thing that strikes my synapses.

So says Chase McInerney, and the results bear him out.

My congratulations to Chase and his occasional co-bloggers on winning the hearts and minds of Oklahoma's blog community.

Posted at 9:11 AM to Blogorrhea , Soonerland

And congratulations to you, Charles (in a hushed tone). I know you don't want to be recognized, but you really do have an amazing command of the English language.

Posted by: Babs at 10:10 AM on 4 September 2005

Geez, I installed the graphic, what more do you guys want? :)

Posted by: CGHill at 10:24 AM on 4 September 2005

Thank you, Mr. Hill, and congrats to the finest writer in the Oklahoma blogosphere!

Posted by: Chase at 11:00 AM on 4 September 2005

Hey, blogging is really about writing. So being named the producer of the "Best Writing" ain't too shabby, especially considering the stiff competition! Congratulations!

Posted by: Winston at 12:50 PM on 4 September 2005

Stopping by to offer a big congrats to our best writer, Mr. CGHILL. Well done, sir! :)

Posted by: aka_monty at 5:25 PM on 4 September 2005