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5 September 2005

That WordPress project

I mentioned earlier that I was messing around with WordPress; while I'm not planning to convert this place — at least, not yet — I did want to familiarize myself with some of its operations and get used to the idea of working in a PHP environment.

What I did, therefore, was tear down an old static page elsewhere that had the graphics from the custom CDs I've burned, which has been sitting there for two or three years, and replaced it with what will eventually be a complete catalog, including track listings, for the forty-odd discs I've produced for around-the-house and motoring use. It will take a while, but the first seven discs are in place, and the others will follow as time permits.

If nothing else, this should help me cut down the number of duplicate tracks on subsequent issues.

Posted at 4:51 PM to Blogorrhea

Yeah, I've been quickly getting acquainted with PHP and CSS this weekend ... as you can imagine.

Posted by: Mel at 7:19 PM on 5 September 2005

Think of it kind of like beer, Mr. Hill. Once you start drinking that premium German stuff, you never go back!
Hit the Wordpress support forums, man. They can help you convert the whole thing. I researched for months before I settled on WP. I've never regretted it. It's one darned good platform to work with. And customizable beyond belief!

Posted by: MeeCiteeWurkor at 5:01 AM on 6 September 2005

Mmmmm... beer. I'm sorry, what were we talking about?

Oh yeah, WordPress. You're gonna love it.

Posted by: Sean Gleeson at 7:16 AM on 6 September 2005

Presenting: BeerPress®, the bubbly content-management system!

(Hey, it could happen.)

Posted by: CGHill at 7:33 AM on 6 September 2005

Hooray BeerPress!


Posted by: McGehee at 9:28 AM on 6 September 2005